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show up

(非正式用法) 到场,出现 -to arrive, esp at the place where someone is waiting for you 例句:we had 200 people show up for our meeting. 使能看见,出现 - to make it possible to see or notice something that was not clear before 例...

演出; 表演; 节目: a TV quiz show 电视上的智力竞赛节目 出现; 显现; 呈现: A ship appeared on the horizon. 船出现在水平线上 show up露面 ,露出。I intend to show up this liar 我打算使这个骗子露出真面目

当come up 做 发生 讲时,是不及物动词 而 show up 是及物不及物都可以。例:he shows up ! 他出现了I intend to show up this liar. 我打算揭发这个说谎者。 有一个是 come up with 意思是 赶上; 想出;;提供

turn up 出现; 翻起; 开大; (尤指失去后偶然)被发现 show up 显而易见; 到场; (使)看得见; 羞辱 出现; 露面; 出席。用于正式场合,如舞会。 turn up不常用,一般都是show up。


你好,很高兴为你解答 翻译为 不管你的感觉如何。起床,打扮,展现出来,永不放弃 希望能帮到你

show up 英 [ʃəu ʌp] 美 [ʃo ʌp] 显而易见;到场;(使)看得见;羞辱 (使)清晰;(使)变得明显;(使)显现出来 If something shows up or if something shows it up, it can be clearly seen or noticed. You may have so...

show up 是出现、露面的意思 show around 是带领人四处参观时用的,通常在中间会加宾语或人名。 show sb around ... Why don't you show him around? Please show John around the office.

露出, 露面 ,出现。之类的意思。 和appear的意思很近 he show up in the meeting 就是出席的意思。

show up for school 出现在学校 双语例句 The boys in question did not show up for school today. 我们提到的那些男孩今天没上学。 Will your mom or dad show up drunk for school events or drive you (and yourfriends) home drunk? 你会去...

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